Program and abstracts

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GENERAL PROGRAM [Online version = PDF]

THURSDAY 15 September 2016                                

11.00-             Registration [Conference Office: MTC 00.16, Sint-Michielsstraat 6, Leuven]

13.30-14.00    Introduction [ZI 02.21]

14.00-15.30    Key Note Address 1 [ZI 02.21]

Michael Banner (University of Cambridge)

On Preferring Practical to Theoretical Reason about Human Being; or, Why Theological Anthropology Needs a Thoroughly Anthropological Turn

Response by Brian Brock (University of Aberdeen)

15.30-16.00    Coffee, tea, cake and fruit [MTC 00.16]

16.00-17.30    Paper sessions 1 [MTC 00.07; 00.08; 00.12]

17.30-18.45    Dinner [ALMA 1, Tiensestraat 115, Leuven]

19.00-20.30    Key Note Address 2 [ZI 02.21]:

Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo (Wake Forrest University, US)

Encountering God and Being Human “Where the Wild Things Are”: Motherhood, Ecofeminism, and Theological Anthropology [VIDEO CONFERENCE]

Response by Paul Fiddes (University of Oxford)

20.45-22.00    Opening reception [Maurits Sabbe Library of Theology, Deberiotstraat 26]


FRIDAY 16 September

9.00-10.30      Key Note Address 3 [ZI 02.21]

Elina Hankela (University of Helsinki)

Being Human, Doing Research: Liberationist Ethnography in a World of Systemic Injustice

Response by Lieve Orye (KU Leuven)

10.30-11.00    Coffee, tea and fruit [MTC 00.16]

11.00-12.30    Paper sessions 2

12.30-13.30    Sandwich Lunch [Pope’s College – college next to MTC]

13.30-15.00    Paper sessions 3

15.00-15.30    Coffee, tea, cake and fruit [MTC 00.16]

15.30-17.00    Key Note Address 4 [ZI 02.21]:

Luigino Bruni (LUMSA University, Rome)

Good and Bad Vulnerability: The Tradition of Western Economics in Dialogue with Job and Qoheleth

Response by Maureen O’Connell (Lasalle University, Philadelphia)

17.15-19.00    Paper sessions 4

20.00-             Conference dinner [Faculty Club, Begijnhof (Beguinage), Leuven]


SATURDAY 17 September                     

9.00-10.30      Paper sessions 5

10.30-11.00    Coffee, tea, cake and fruit [MTC 00.16]

11.00-12.30    Key Note Address 5 [ZI 02.21]:

Jan-Olav Henriksen (Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo)

Love as the Power by which God shapes the World: Theological Anthropology and Human Evolution

Response by Markus Mühling (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, DE)

12.30-13.00    Closing talk

13.00-14.00    Sandwich Lunch      [Pope’s College]