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“After the wind came an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake.” *

Repost of a reflection on the times of the Earth and the meaning of life by Luigino Bruni, worldwide coordinator of the Economy of Communion and keynote speaker at the conference, who happened to be in the region, so familiar … Continue reading

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The civilisation of the bread given as gift

Repost of a blogpost written by Luigino Bruni, on the Economy of Communion website and in Avvenire (Italian) on the 14th of February 2016: Valencia. At the shore of the pond an elderly man was walking with a dog that was … Continue reading

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Different eyes: economy and art

Redeeming broken relations through starting to see something of beauty in it: economy My personal experience has convinced me that no form of poverty or misery can be resolved without loving it. Only those who see something of beauty in … Continue reading

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Economics and gratuitousness

Excerpt from Luigino Bruni, The Wound and the Blessing. Economics, Relationships and Happiness, 2012. From a certain point of view, there exists a close continuity between a large capitalist enterprise and the market: both see themselves as surpassing the communitas … Continue reading

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