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Louvain Studies special issue on ‘relation, vulnerability, love’

by Lieve Orye Several treads of thought woven at the conference in 2016 have been rewoven into paper and digital format. A Louvain Studies issue has been published recently with contributions of several keynote speakers and respondents. Under the menu … Continue reading

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Parenting, Power, and Control

by Liz Gandolfo, a repost Last week I was invited to bring my two-year-old to an early childhood development class so that the students could see a toddler in action and ask me questions about his daily routine, developmental milestones, … Continue reading

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Privilege and vulnerability

Excerpts taken from The Vulnerability and Power of Love: A Theological Anthropology, Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo (2015). Privilege as a response to and cause of vulnerability Privilege is the product of human anxiety over vulnerability; it is a collective attempt to … Continue reading

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D-E-A-D Is a Four Letter Word: True Confessions on Coming to Terms with Mortality

By Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo, a repost My children have been obsessed with death lately.  The older two are five and almost four, and their imaginary play has been focused an awful lot on scenarios that involve dramatic exclamations of  “I’m … Continue reading

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Power and vulnerability of love, 22th of March, Belgium

One colleague in the Anthropos Research Group posted the following quote on her facebook page on that dark Tuesday, the 22nd of March, here in Belgium. It was taken from Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo’s recent book, The Power and Vulnerability of … Continue reading

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