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Louvain Studies special issue on ‘relation, vulnerability, love’

by Lieve Orye Several treads of thought woven at the conference in 2016 have been rewoven into paper and digital format. A Louvain Studies issue has been published recently with contributions of several keynote speakers and respondents. Under the menu … Continue reading

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The conference blog: review, overview

Review For those of you who would like to explore the previous blogs chronologically, below you find an overview. The blog posts, with excerpts from the keynote speakers, respondents and other relevant authors, show a richly textured subject matter, which … Continue reading

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Gathering in relation to allow new beginnings in our world

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of September 2016 the Anthropos ‘Con-ference‘ took place. We gathered and were gathered by a shared topic, a meshwork of threads of theological anthropology in which ‘relation, vulnerability and love’ were further explored as … Continue reading

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On Political Compassion

Excerpt taken from Compassion; Loving our neighbor in an age of Globalization (2009), written by Maureen O’Connell (Orbis Books, p. 194-196) Loving our suffering neighbor in an age of globalization entails the ability to perceive self-critically both ourselves and our … Continue reading

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Nowhere to escape if God does not make a way: a reflection out of an African refugee camp

By guest blogger Jacques Baeni Mwendabandu, student at Regis University through Jesuit Common Higher Education at the Margin in Dzaleka “Then they cried to the Lord in their troubles, and he delivered them out of their distresses” (Psalm, 107: 6. … Continue reading

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Evolutionary love

Excerpts taken from Markus Mühling’s Resonances: Neurobiology, Evolution and Theology: Evolutionary Niche Construction, the Ecological Brain and Relational-narrative Theology (2014). Peirce’s Agapasm Whereas in Medieval times love was seen as a cosmological principle and in the theology of the Reformation … Continue reading

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“After the wind came an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake.” *

Repost of a reflection on the times of the Earth and the meaning of life by Luigino Bruni, worldwide coordinator of the Economy of Communion and keynote speaker at the conference, who happened to be in the region, so familiar … Continue reading

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