As I Am – 5000 Broken Gifts (L’Arche International)

The L’Arche International community  has taken a beautiful initiative to counter the tendency, present in all cultures, to view people with intellectual disabilities that they are the undesirables. To change this injustice they have started the web series, “As I Am”, as

“an invitation to imagine the world differently and to rejoice in who you are as you are”.

This fourth “As I Am” story is that of Mateusz Jaworski from L’Arche Poland who shares with us an inventive way of giving.

L’Arche Web Series

#As I Am

The particularly close attention that needs to be paid to the ways that we are conceiving what it means to be human is designed to open up and make more sensitive our practices of being human. In our view, some of the best work being done to explicate in practical terms what it means to live as if all humans are valuable (e.g., finding ways to live with, worship with and catechize the disabled, to be present with those with dementia) deserves long overdue conceptual backing which displays why such practices are an extension (rather than a repudiation) of the historical Christian faith. This is not to suggest that Christians have always been sympathetic to the marginalized and fragile among us, but to begin from the presumption that there have always been some Christians through the ages who have recognized in various ways the importance of such people in the divine economy.

(Excerpt from Brian Brock, ‘Looking at “Us”, Attending to “Them”, Seeking the Divine: Revisiting Disability in the Christian Tradition.’ Journal of Religion, Disability & Health, 17:3, 328)

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